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Build Your Dream Home

Building your home can be a long process - about 1 year, so it is not for everyone.  If you have the time, the result can be very rewarding.  Your house is new, built to the latest building codes and is EXACTLY what you want. Consider the following, when thinking of building that dream home.


PROs to building your own home: 


  • You get exactly what you want (design)

  • New Home Warranty (1 year everything, 5 year construction - some builders will offer 10 warranties as well)

  • House is built to the latest building codes (higher efficiency)

  • Low maintenance (everything is new)

  • It's yours from day 1, so you know all of the home's history

  • Latest modern design


CONs to building your own home:

  • No fence or landscaping (additional initial costs)

  • Neighborhood is new (could be construction for a while)

  • Possible construction delays (weather and other unforseen circumstances)

  • Limited access to amenities (schools, parks, other amenties may not be available in newer neighborhoods)

  • Home is typically more expensive per square foot

  • GST could be applicable


You can also contact me at any time and I'll guide you through the entire process.

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